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Zebra creates global impact for its highly
selective group of clients.​

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Blockchain-focused Marketing

As one of the most trusted and well-connected marketing firms in China and Japan, we offer results-based, user acquisition-focused marketing through leveraging our extensive network of partners, along with press releases, influencer marketing, branding, and social media management to promote your brand to the masses.

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Conferences and Meetups

Our team of event coordinators have produced some of the most highly-attended events across East Asia. We deliver high-caliber conferences and exclusive meetups that elevate participating brands by tailoring events to meet their needs and goals including, but not limited to: market debut, product launch, partnership building, and more.

We bring your ideas to life!

Past Events
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Market Entry Consulting

With our extensive knowledge of the market and strong network of key movers in the industry, we can aid in selling your products directly to regional investors.

In addition to connecting with and managing relationships with influencers in the industry, we will also assist in localizing your products to suit the Chinese and Japanese markets as well as sales and fundraising.

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Latest Case Studies.


BHD China

Achieved growth of over 8,000 mining community members on Wechat; hosted 2 AMAs with over 1,000 participants and 100 media partners in total; grew 60,000 followers on WeChat official account in 6 months.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a team of experts with deep understanding of our specialized markets that help blockchain businesses of all sizes implement tailored strategies to accelerate growth. We bring our diverse background of advertising, design, branding, public relations, research, and strategic planning to work for your company, at a competitive and fair cost. 

You want results and a plan for success

— We do just that.

Our Team


Amber Chook
Founder & CEO

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Hugo Xia
Partner, Greater China

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Daiki Toshima

Account Manager

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Tony Schrieffer
Account Manager


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Sunny Ng
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CMO at Bithumb Global

Zebra Global helped us penetrate the Japanese market in the most effective and timely approach. The team is very dedicated and professional with great ability to execute. They were always able to accommodate last-minute requests for us that seem impossible to accomplish. Zebra Global deserves our highest recommendation.